I try to work as much as possible on original content. You can find more videos like this here.



I enjoy working on video explainers because I get to use my motion graphics skills. This one has one of my favorite animations. You can find more like this here.


I also don't mind hosting videos from time to time, especially if I can have an ironic approach. More like this here.

I also like to do animations like the one below.

You can see some of my best shots here.

RTL 102.5 - 2.png
Re-Publica - 5.png
Cerbelli Creative - 3.png



I am a video journalist with experience in top media outlets in Italy, Germany, and the US. I have a background as a motion designer and I love working with After Effects. I also own my personal filming equipment and I am always ready to jump on a long filming trip for a reportage or a documentary. My favorite reporting topics are science, environment, and inequality. I am committed to focusing on the context that gives news its meaning. I strive for objectivity but prioritize transparency.

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